Easy & Delicious Strawberry Salsa

This week, I decided to experiment a little and put together an easy strawberry salsa your whole family will love. I'm not a huge "regular" salsa fan but a few years ago someone let me try mango salsa. It never occurred to me that I could make salsa with different fruits. My mangoes were a little iffy, I decided to try out the strawberries instead. The best thing about this salsa is your kids will love it too. If the zing is a little much, you could always leave out the onions or substitute … [Read more...]

Easy and Allergy Friendly Nice Cream Pops

OH. MY. WORD. Where have these things been? If you don't know it already, I am obsessed with nice cream or nicecream or whatever. It's the idea of making frozen mashed bananas trick your body into thinking it is eating ice cream only it's not. Believe me, if you do this right, your body will take your frozen bananas and all of your troubles will disappear. Ok, not really. But, isn't that why we eat ice cream? Next time, try this instead. First, check out my Chocolate Strawberry Nicecream … [Read more...]

Grilled Vegetables in Foil Packets

Little known fact...I learned to grill only 2 weeks ago. Yep, seriously. I really do not like flames, not a big fan so I have always let my husband grill or my mother. Of course, I own a George Foreman grill and I use that all the time but that's apparently not the same thing. Another fact, since I learned to grill, I have been grilling every single thing I can think of. I love it. I'm still not a fan of the big flames but it turned out to be much easier to manage than I had originally … [Read more...]

Quick and Easy Zucchini Squash Pasta

I firmly believe eating healthy should taste good. I think many times people struggle with it simply because they haven’t found the right recipes. Thankfully, since the invention of the internet, amazing, healthy recipes are at our fingertips.  Those recipes even include twists and turns on old favorites such as pasta! I’m a HUGE fan of zucchini noodles or zoodles as they are sometimes called. They are super easy and unbelievably interchangeable with your favorite pasta dish. Recently, I … [Read more...]

Rotisserie Chicken & Leek Homemade Pizza

This past week, my local coop offered leeks in their produce basket. I love trying new things and while I had tried leeks before, I really wanted a new recipe. Lately, I've had a pizza craving. I'm gluten free and try to avoid dairy too, so my pizza experience has been very different than the average person I guess. Lately, I have really been playing around with homemade pizza and decided to try out a leek topping. I'm also a big fan of rotisserie chicken and happened to have some of that … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Chocolate Covered Strawberry Pie

Last week, I spotted a great deal on strawberries at Sam's Club. I picked up a ton of them and after getting them home it dawned on me that there was no way for me to eat that many before they went bad.Then, the idea of a strawberry pie hit me which was immediately followed by the "ugh, I'm gluten free and can't have pie crust" thought. My sister told me about the new Mi-Del Gluten Free Pie Crusts and I ran to the store to pick one up.  There are two choices, ginger snap or chocolate snap, … [Read more...]

Dairy Free & Gluten Free Blackberry Butter

I've mentioned before that I dealt with a lot of stomach issues this past year, it took quite a bit but eventually I realized I had a serious intolerance to gluten. My oldest son has life threatening food allergies so we know this path well but that doesn't mean it wasn't a HUGE adjustment. Of course, I did lose nearly 40 pounds so it's not all bad. In saying that, I spend a lot of time cooking now and trying out new things, this Blackberry Butter was one of them. I used Earth Balance … [Read more...]