Allergen Information

Those that are familiar with food allergies will likely know what the Top 8 Food Allergies are.  This site is going to be geared at making meals that do not include ANY of the top 8 Food Allergies.  I will not on the recipe if they do; however, for the most part that will not be the case.

Top 8 Food Allergens:

1. Dairy
2. Soy
3. Fish
4. Shellfish
5. Wheat
6. Peanuts
7. Tree Nuts
8. Eggs

Although the recipes will not include these allergens it is imperative that you check the labels before purchasing any products and be certain that they are SAFE for you or your child.  Products and labels change frequently so it is wise to always check before eating.

I hope you find some inspiration for great tasting recipes on this site as well as support to know that you are not alone.  Together, we will overcome food allergies in the real world!