Food Allergies 101: Foods We Eat

Many times the hardest part of food allergies is finding a suitable alternative to a food you already love. For example, if you love peanut butter then discover you have a peanut allergy, what are you going to do? The most fortunate thing about our story is that my son was born with food allergies this means he did not eat other foods so he does not make that comparison. Personally, I think that made it easier for us. In saying that, I thought I would post a few of the products I have in my … [Read more...]

Welcome to Food Allergy Eats

This site is currently in the process of being developed.  The launch date is January 2012.  On this site you can expect to find recipes that are completely free of the Top 8 Allergens.  This site will be an online resource to find the perfect recipes to eat healthy and overcome food allergies. Stay Tuned! … [Read more...]