5 Tips for Traveling with Food Allergies

If you've followed me for any length of time, you've likely seen me speak about my son's food allergies. He was born with 20+ food allergies, the lesser ones have disappeared however, he is still life threatening to egg, peanut, tree nut, milk and shellfish. And, because that is not enough, about five years ago, I developed Celiac and am completely gluten-free. We are quite the duo! While it can sound overwhelming, juggling food allergies is our normal. We plan and then we plan again, taking … [Read more...]

One of the Few Restaurants that Get It

Have you given up on eating out all together with food allergies? For my son, we still do not let him eat at restaurants. Unfortunately, his allergies are so severe that the risk of cross contamination is not worth taking. However, for my allergies, it is a different story. Mine are not quite as severe even though I am Celiac and have various other food issues. That being said, if you ever get a chance to eat at LuLu's be sure to do it! This is one of the best restaurants for food allergies I … [Read more...]

Hurry! Get 286 Allergy Friendly Recipes!

Why should everyone else have all the fun at holiday gatherings? Everyone arounds you gets to eat without questioning the hostess about every ingredient and if you get to eat anything, well, it’s probably the least exciting dish out of the bunch. I totally know how that feels. Not only am I gluten intolerant but, my son has over 20 different food allergies including life threatening allergies. But still, it’s the holidays! I want to enjoy them, be able to eat #alltheyummythings (and … [Read more...]

Hurry! BOGO Enjoy Life Foods Snack Packs

Hurry! Enjoy Life Foods just introduced Snack Packs! Shut. The. Front. Door. This might just be the best thing to ever happen to those of us with food allergies. No more sneaking around the big back of chocolate now, we can sneak these right into our pocket! All the closet chocolate eaters rejoice! Visit EnjoyLifeFoods.com for this fabulous deal: MSRP for a 12-pack bag costs $7.59, but you can save on Snack Packs NOW with our BOGO sale! Buy one, get one free now through 10/21 with promo code … [Read more...]

Save $1 on any Enjoy Life Foods Product Over $3

I LOVE this coupon! Enjoy Life Foods is my favorite allergy friendly company, we absolutely love them. Be sure to print it before it's gone! … [Read more...]

Divvies Chocolate Zucchini Bread

Since it's summertime again, we have returned to the library to start our book reading marathon. While searching for books for the kids, I came across Divvies Bakery Cookbook.  I'll admit, I was skeptical. First, the book has very few pictures. Second, most of these books turn out to be the same-a few good recipes mixed it with some mediocre recipes and that's about it. My son noticed the cupcakes on the cover and asked if we could try it. "Just give it a try," he said. So, I … [Read more...]

Save $1 off 1 Schar Gluten Free Product

Hooray! For those of us that are just gluten free, this is a great coupon! Save $1 on Schar Gluten Free products. Be sure to read the labels, they do have other allergens but they're a great gluten free company. … [Read more...]