Allergy Free Menu Plan Monday

It's time for another week of meals to plan!  Do you plan out meals in advance? Monday- Turkey Meatloaf on Enjoy Life Foods Tuesday- Lemon Herb Roasted Chicken in the Crock Pot on Real Food, Allergy Free Wednesday- Zesty Chicken Strips on FAAN Thursday- Leftover Night Friday- Allergy Free Pizza Night Saturday- Chicken and Rice on Food Allergy Mama Sunday- Taco Night using Homemade Taco Seasoning I hope this helps you start planning this week!  Be sure … [Read more...]

Enjoy Life Decadent Blondies

One of my favorite products to bake with is Enjoy Life Chocolate Mega Chunks, or that is if they make it to the baked goods!  I could also eat the bag of them plain, no baking required! I had every intention of simply reviewing this recipe and link to it but then I ran into the issue of not being able to find it on the website.  I used the recipe on the back of the Mega Chunks because it just looked delicious! I did adapt it just a bit, but for the most part kept the same structure of the … [Read more...]

Gluten Free, Allergy Free Pizza and King Arthur Giveaway

In Sarah's family wheat used to be a prominent allergy and has since been overcome and now they have been able to reintroduce wheat products.  In my household, I recently discovered that I have a gluten intolerance which has turned my baking upside down. At first, I was overwhelmed because so much of what I was baking contained gluten in some form, then I realized there are so many options to eat gluten free that I simply had to think of my recipes in terms of gluten free and then find … [Read more...]

Allergy Free Menu Plan Monday

Are you ready for another week?  How about another week of Menu Planning? Here are a week's worth of dinner ideas to get your meals off to the right start! Monday- Allergy Free Taco Salad Tuesday- Slow Cooker Beef Stew on FAAN Wednesday- Breakfast for Dinner: Blueberry Waffles Thursday- Beef Stroganoff on Eating with Food Allergies Friday- Grilled Citrus Honey Chicken on Cook it Allergy Free Saturday- Chili on Eating with Food Allergies Sunday- Easy Pork Ragu on … [Read more...]

Allergy Free Taco Salad

One of my favorite meals is Taco Salad, and I will tell you I never ate it until my mother-in-law made it and then it was just so easy and tasty I had to remake it at home.  She uses ranch style beans in hers and cheese; however, I knew I could easily change this up and make an Allergy Free version! This recipe uses my homemade taco seasoning. Now that you have made the taco salad, you can also use this in Taco Cups and Taco Pizza.  The recipes for these were not written allergy free; … [Read more...]

The Story Behind Food Allergy Eats

This blog has been started by two sisters, Sarah Bowman Roe & Kristy Still. Both of us are professional bloggers on other websites yet both of us have had a strong desire to build a blog specifically for those with food allergies. Why? Six years ago my son (Sarah's son), was born with life-threatening food allergies. Two days after birth he began throwing up uncontrollably. That then spiraled into several other health issues which eventually led us to make the decision to stop breast … [Read more...]

Sweetheart Smores

I just spotted these adorable Sweetheart Smores over on Enjoy Life Foods Recipes! These would be a perfect treat for Valentine's Day! Have you tried them before? … [Read more...]