Banana Oat Muffins

banana oat muffins

I made my first real attempt at muffins free of all the top 8 food allergens this week.  I say real, because for Sarah she did this daily with her son making recipe after recipe free of all the top 8 food allergens, but for me we never had to worry about wheat so I could use regular flour.  I recently found out that I have a gluten intolerance, so I am now gluten free which has brought on another realm of challenges into the baking world for me.

I am trying to figure out the different types of flours for baking and what works and what flops!  I will say I have had a few flops, but these muffins actually turned out pretty well and this can be used as a basic muffin recipe that you can add to.  I used Orgran Self Raising Flour with these.

I would suggest adding some allergy free chocolate chips, but what can I say chocolate chips just go together in banana muffins!  I love muffins though because you can use whatever you have on hand, fruits, chocolate, even veggies.  Did you know grated zucchini is perfect in muffins?  It works, trust me!

If you are unable to eat oats, simply leave those out or replace with a grain that you can have.  I added these just to give them a bit of texture.

Remember to check all ingredients and only eat what is safe for you and your family!

Have a wonderful day!

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